10 Interesting Stats About Moms and Social Media

Today’s moms are more connected than ever, acting as leaders and early adopters in social media and technology. Moms are 20 percent more likely to use social media than the general population (BabyCenter).  Women are bigger multitaskers than most men, and women with children are constantly juggling their personal aspirations, parenting, and social lives.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that moms are embracing social media, using it to manage their busy lives, connecting on the go, seeking information and recommendations, and accessing it on a variety of devices.  In celebration of Mother’s Day 2013, here are 10 amazing statistics on social mommies:

1.  Approximately 1 in 3 bloggers are moms. (Hubspot)

2. Nearly 40 percent of mothers worldwide say they write a blog. (Forbes)

3. Over three-quarters of American moms use Facebook. (Nielsen)

4.  Moms are more likely to visit blogs: they are 27 percent more likely to visit Blogger and 26 more likely to visit WordPress. (Nielsen)

5.  Moms are 61 percent more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American. (Nielsen)

6.  Among mothers, those with children aged 0-3 are the heaviest social media users and those with children aged 4-12 use it the least. (MarketingCharts)

7. Moms are 58 percent more likely to use a mobile device for shopping. (BabyCenter)

8. In 2014, a projected 63 percent of all online moms will read blogs at least once a month (NextWeb)

9.  89 percent of online moms use their smartphones to check social media. (CommPro)

10.  70 percent of moms claim that technology helps them be better moms. (Forbes)

Why do moms love social media? Here are some of the most commons reasons moms go social:

  • Sharing moments/pictures with family and friends.
  • Online shopping saves time.
  • Organizing events and get togethers.
  • Seeking and writing reviews and recommendations.
  • Finding fast answers and asking questions.
  • Source of support and community.
  • Easy to access on the go (mobile phones).
  • They can socialize online while supervising their children/being at home.

Don’t forget to tweet, Facebook, pin, or blog some praise for your mom this Mother’s Day!