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The Makeup of Social Media

Social Media Makeup

Makeup Artists talk about the ways social media has changed their industry

Social media has changed many industries, but some industries have experienced more of a revolution than others.  Strongly visual industries, such as the makeup industry, have flourished as cameras have become digital and image sharing so simple.  In an Instagram world where millions of women are posting and sharing un-retouched images of themselves constantly, there is a heightened interest in makeup.   For makeup artists social media has truly been an amazing tool.  Cahoots interviewed makeup artist Elena Ismail of Vancouver and Jyoti Purba of Calgary to get their perspectives on how social media has changed their industry.

“I think social media has changed everything for all artists. There is so much more exposure beyond what you could ever have thought to have. You have people who you’ve never met nor will ever meet admiring your work and supporting you. I think it is very flattering and encouraging for any artist to know that their art is appreciated by people because they genuinely appreciate the art, not just because they know you personally and like you.” –Elena Ismail

“I am very lucky to have many fans who adore my work. That is the number one thing that keeps me going. I am very passionate about my work this isn’t a hobby or something on the side I am very proud to say this is my profession.” –Jyoti Purba

Prior to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Model Mayhem makeup artistry was typically only seen in books and magazines.  Now it is seen on Facebook pages, YouTube, blogs, and online portfolios.

“Social media has allowed our art to be just as admired as the art of photography or styling. Now people see the names of MUA’s alongside everyone else’s and not somewhere in the back of the magazine in small font or at the end when the movie is done and everyone leaves. People now more than ever, can see the magic of what makeup can do. I feel that although not everyone buys a magazine, even my dad has Facebook!”– Elena Ismail

Social media has allowed makeup artists to expand their reach and highlight themselves as individuals.

“Makeup is more than eyeshadow and blush to me, it is ART.  I am an artist who happens to love makeup. I want to transform people and make them feel beautiful and sexy. I want them to see something in themselves that they didn’t know was there!” – Elena Ismail

Jyoti Purba doing hair and makeup for a bride.

Jyoti Purba doing hair and makeup for a bride.

Power to the Makeup Artist

In a world full of beauty blogs, YouTube tutorials, and online portfolios makeup artists are able to attract the attention of advertisers and sponsors like never before.  Beauty blogs rank very high in google searches. According to research by mymarketmonitor, 45 percent of all online conversations about beauty take place on blogs and there are over 8000 English language beauty blogs on the web.  YouTube is full of makeup tutorials and has changed the way makeup artistry is shared and learned:

“Many people use YouTube videos to help themselves out. I also started to learn a lot of my makeup techniques and skills from people who posted makeup tutorials. Since I learnt that way, I also made some videos to help others. “ -Jyoti Purba

If you have a lot of followers or traffic, beauty brands may be interested in sending you free products to try, sponsoring you, or buying advertising on your blog.  This acts as a new stream of revenue for makeup artists.  For although makeup artists may be bursting with creativity, there is a lot of competition and  the real-time paid work is not always aligned with their creative interests:

“Paid work in Vancouver is definitely not aligned with what I want to do in terms of creativity. My number one passion would be fashion and editorial, but Bridal is what really pays.” – Elena Ismail

Elena Ismail's Creative Work

Elena Ismail’s Creative Work

Here are some ways to use social media for Makeup artistry:

  • Blog: A place to post content such as How-To’s, tips, and tricks.
  • YouTube:  Create makeup tutorials and upload them to YouTube.
  • Facebook Page: Create a Facebook fan page that showcases your work
  • Pinterest: Create a pin board and upload your work to Pinterest.  Create your own infographics.
  • Twitter: Tweet short and sweet tips for your followers.
  • Join Model Mayhem: Model Mayhem is full of models, photographers, makeup artists, and stylists of various skill levels. A great networking and portfolio building tool.
  • Get In Cahoots (of course): When we launch this spring/summer.

These social media methods can be time-consuming, so it is best to focus on one platform- say a blog, and have the other platforms direct traffic to that blog.

Social media and sharing has resulted in an increased interest in makeup techniques and makeup artistry as a profession.  It has forever changed the way makeup artists collaborate, network, and market themselves. However, it is important to keep in mind that as powerful as social media has become, networking offline is still a big deal:

“Networking is very important in this industry because people get to know you on a personal level and they like what you do, so they call you back. I think word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available. You work with one person and it’s like a chain reaction!” –Elena Ismail

“Most of my clients find me by word of mouth! How great is that. I truly feel that when you do your best for others the favors pay back in return. All my clients always speak so well of my work they always refer me. “ – Jyotia Purba

Elena Ismail

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MyMakeupWonderland

Artist at work

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/BlushProfessionalHairMakeup

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