Essential Information

No matter how good looking you website interface is, many local consumers are likely to turn away from it if it lacks critical information. For instance, when a local customer visits your site, then the most likely reason for doing so is because they want to see the kind of goods and services which you deal with first. If you fail to indicate them, then they are likely to turn away from your business without even bothering to contact you. After all, they are not miracle workers to know the kind of business you engage in. Other key pieces of information on what local consumers want from local business websites include the price list, opening and closing hours, and your physical address. In your address, you should ensure that you include the directions and map. If you don’t most of the clientele, tend to think that you are not local which is why they will not consider reaching out even if you have provided your contact info. Also, make sure you provide your contacts by leaving an email address or phone number so they can be able to communicate with you if they want your services online or even to book an appointment. If your website experiences high traffic but no leads then most likely you are not providing the key information.